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Jackson’s death triggered a global outpouring of grief, and as many as a billion people around the world may have watched his public memorial service on live television. The most appropriate phase given by wiki can give us a full image of Michael Jackson.


Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contribution to music, dance and fashion, along with a much-publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. Through stage performances and music videos, Jackson popularized a number of dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk. His distinctive musical sound and vocal style have influenced numerous hip hop, pop, contemporary R&B and rock artists.

Jackson created a lot of great music for us. Thriller cemented Jackson’s status as one of the preeminent pop stars of the late 20th century, and enabled him to break down racial barriers via his appearances on MTV and meeting with President Ronald Reagan at the White House.

I think what happened in the past years is that people focused on Jackson’s music for the first time in many years, and remember how much they liked it. Sadly, it took Jackson’s death for people to look past all the controversies—large and small, troubling and trivial—that turned a lot of people off.

Today is his death anniversary. One year after his untimely death, it’s clear that Michael Jackson’s legacy lives on: his influence over the worlds of music and fashion is still strong enough that lady gaga—currently the reigning queen of the charts and an undisputed master in the Jackson—pioneered art of manufacturing buzz—recently hoisted her own star even higher by announcing that she’d been asked to open for (and due with) the king of pop on his ill-fated” this is it” tour.

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